🌟Handmade Product🌟


The wool knitted cat bed provides a warm and cozy spot for your cats. The fact is that most of cats are drawn to natural wool just like catnip.

The undyed Scottish (light grey/beige) and German (dark grey) wool makes for a beautifully pure and sustainable product of nature, produced animal friendly with no chemicals added and 100% eco-friendly assured.

Material: 100% wool
Sizes(outer diameter):
13" / 33cm for kittens
20" / 50cm for cats over 6.6lb (3kg)

Care instruction: To a great extent, natural wool does not need much cleaning due to a thin film of lanoline, so a regular vacuum-clean is best for a day-to-day cleaning. The fabric may still have a natural smell after a long time use but no need to be worry about it, cats are naturally drawn to it and dream of nature :)
To freshen it up, hang it outside in the wind, or, if the weather allows, an hour in the snow.

Wool Knitted Chunky Kitten/Cat Bed