• Funny gag gift for music festivals, birthday parties, bar nights, viral videos, stress reliever.
  • Fits on your finger to share the high fives!
  • Open hands are a great way to celebrate with a high five!
  • Skin friendly material that bends and folds but retains its shape perfectly, it also resists more dust and dirt compared to softer models.


The High Five is a symbol of celebration when something good is said/done. The causes for the call of "High Five" can vary from anything as small as finding something cool on the floor to something as big as saving the world from almost certain destruction. Carry the Mini Hand Puppet around with you and share the High Fives! Brand New Perfect for party bags, pranks/gags, music festivals, viral videos, office stress reliever! Fits all average size fingers. Flesh tone Semi-flexible material. High quality material...


*Please note, this item can be considered a choking hazard for children due to its small size. 

Tiny Hands/Feet Pet Stroking Gifts